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Exsoll Oil

Our selection of lubricant oils - well-suited for a vast array of uses - is Comprehensive industrial oil lineup. Our products offer many benefits ranging from gear oils, air compressor oils and hydraulic oils to rock drill oils, turbine oils and low-toxicity oils.

Exsoll oil offers are so diverse in features and benefits; from anti-foam, anti-wear, high-viscosity, thermal stability and high load-carrying ability, as well as many others, our engineers are the frontrunners to assure you get the most out of out lubricant product lines.

At Exsoll Lubricant, we believe that investing in better performing lubricants makes your plant, engines, or any applications more reliable by protecting your equipment and keeping it running longer and more efficiently.

We will always manufacture and distribute the most comprehensive line of high-performance lubricants that far exceed conventional lubricants in a variety of industrial and automotive applications.

With the most cost effective solution to lubricant oil, our engineers make it fully adaptable as our lubricants are highly refined to withstand heavy natural conditions, high temperatures and many more.

Our state-of-the-art technology solution engages in full-time research and development, ensuring our customers that the most effective technology is being used and is available for incorporation into Exsoll Lubricant product line.