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Exsoll Electricity

Exsoll Electric is the Electricity sub division of Exsoll Energy with the focus to move electricity from where it is built to where it's the most needed.

To ensure a long-term, reliable supply of competitively priced electricity, Exsoll Electric and its engineers develop, support and monitor all framework for bringing new generation on-line, competitive electricity markets, and efficient delivery systems.

With the confidence in our capacity, we are certain that our competitive electricity market will result in over thousands megawatts of new installed electricity generating capacity in areas where electricity is most needed.

While we continue to meet the growing demands, we translate this growth in perspective by producing capacity that could generate enough electricity to power over thousands of households and plants in Africa.

Thermal sources, coal-fired plants, and natural gas account for most of power sources, including efficient cogeneration at industrial operations that produce energy as a by-product of their normal activities. The remainder is hydro, wind and biomass:energy produced from organic sources such as wood waste, garbage or animal matter; still main remain insufficient as source of energy due to the skyrocketing growth of Africa's economy

Hence, we see the need to deliver electricity throughout to meet the growth in economy. Exsoll Electric is committed to develop the long-term plan that delivers adequate electricity need in a safe, reliable and economic operation.

Our aim: help household and plants save money on energy.