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Exsoll Electricity

Exsoll Electric is the Electricity sub division of Exsoll Energy with the focus to move electricity from where it is built to where it’s the most needed. To ensure a long-term, reliable supply of competitively priced electricity, Exsoll Electric and its engineers develop, support and…

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Exsoll Oil

Our selection of lubricant oils – well-suited for a vast array of uses – is Comprehensive industrial oil lineup. Our products offer many benefits ranging from gear oils, air compressor oils and hydraulic oils to rock drill oils, turbine oils and low-toxicity oils. Exsoll oil…

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Exsoll Bitumen

With its wide range of best quality bitumen, which is available in form of an extremely viscous, black and sticky mixture of organic liquids, our bitumen products are manufactured from highly condensed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. While completely soluble in carbon disulphide, the bitumen product lines…

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Exsoll Lubricant

At Exsoll Lubricant, our service remains the state-of-art in lubrication system . Our money-saving solution makes us to top the lubricant providers network. Our engineers ensure that our line of lubricants helps you save on the amount of lubricant used, eliminate downtime caused by improper…

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Exsoll Gas – LPG

Liquefied petroleum gas also known as LPG is natural gas which consists of propane and/or butane. Produced during the natural gas production process, its high high calorific value is suited for use in industrial, commercial, agricultural, horticultural and manufacturing applications. Exsoll Energy LPG is a…